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Roman Numeral Gold

            Wholesale Partners has become the number one business-to-busniess dealer of Roman Numeral dated American Gold Eagles.  Our customer  business accounts require a steady supply of these magnificent gold coins.  This enables us to offer top dollar for both raw and NGC/PCGS (MS69-70, PF69-70) certified coins.  We often top our competitors prices by more than 1%.   No one offers more than Wholesale Partners for Roman Numeral dated American Gold Eagles.  Contact Us today for up-to-date pricing.

            Did you know that Roman Numeral dated coins have been minted in only seven out of 218 years?  The first being the 1907 $20 Double Eagle, the remaining six years were the beginning of the immensely popular American Gold Eagle series.  The 1986-1991 American Gold Eagles are the only non-replica modern gold coins to have the rare Roman Numeral dating.  These beautiful works of art  won every coin award that the world had to offer.  Their creator, Augustus Saint-Gaudens depicts the front as the "Walking Lady Liberty", the reverse pictures Father, Mother and Baby eagles, symbolizing the unity of an American family.  Truly unique.  These were the only seven years these coins were minted.

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